Frak it, I want to learn...

Blogging like it's 1999

So I knew I wanted to use my iPad for this learning experiment, which means that I need the technical stack that works on a mobile device. Mind you; I have a 2018 iPad Pro with a very lovely foldable keyboard.

I signed up for a CodeSandbox account some weeks/months before. I have been happy with up until now. But I soon encountered some issues on the iPad. Including, but not limited to:

  1. Copy/paste functionality is missing, not broken but entirely missing. There probably are some workarounds, but I need to have it working on the keyboard.
  2. Git branching does not work on CodeSandbox. If I make changes and add those changes, I can either push directly to my main branch or create a PR and be stuck on that branch forever on that sandbox.

These are the two main reasons I decided to search for other solutions. After some digging, I discovered I tried it, and it seems to work; at least, I did not have the same two issues as above.

So my Technical stack is settled.

So after posting this blog, I can say that this has been my first learning experiment. And I am happy with the results.

Stay tuned.