Frak it, I want to learn...

F**k it, I want to learn...

I have the habit of getting interested in stuff. And then almost doing nothing about it. The reason probably is that I have a busy schedule, with three kids, a full-time job, and teaching on the side. But I still have this urge. And I feel I could better utilize my time so that learning doesn't stop outside of what I'm doing day to day.

Recently I bought a small midi keyboard, an iRig Keys mini, to be exact. I used to learn the piano when I was a kid but never practiced much, so it didn't stick (a pattern maybe?). I started playing again (as did other, more talented members of my family). And it was fun. I've been doing 5-10 minutes of playing, sometimes for over an hour, for a few weeks. And I still enjoy it.

I work in software development. I don't do a lot of programming; my skills are more aligned with working with people. But I enjoy the problem-solving mindset required to program, so I've done it on the side, often squeezing into that area when needed. I think I have a somewhat analytical mind and a keen eye for good solutions.

So, I want to challenge myself, keep doing, and keep learning. But how to stay focused? How to stay motivated? Well, for that, there is this blog. And some rules.

  1. I don't want to take time away from my family or my responsibilities as a father. So, I won't. Time spent learning new things, and blogging about it will not take time away from my kids or fiancée.
  2. I will reserve at least 4 hours a week on a topic. If the subject feels boring or becomes uninteresting, I will drop it. If I like it, I might consider continuing with it.
  3. I will write a short blog about each new subject.

And that's it. That's why this blog exists. Join me, or not :)