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Mobbing session

Yesterday I had an excellent opportunity to coach a mobbing session at work. I had been debating with myself what type of project to do. The team is a mix of front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers. The team is essentially responsible for two different systems. I felt it would not help the team to use either of the two systems while we get the hang of things in mobbing.

So on Wednesday afternoon, I created a neutral repository that would not favor anyone on the team. The idea was to have a mix of a front-end client, some back-end using an API, and minimal styling or libraries in place.

I present the mobbing repo to you, and it's accessible under my Github account arnlaugsson/mobbing. The idea is to use this scaffolding to get a team started using a mobbing tool and to tackle some of the tasks together.

The setup requires little preparation but allows the team to get started quickly. The coaching mostly consisted of prodding questions along the way and stepping out when the team was working collectively.

The mobbing session is good to encourage the team to work as a whole, learn from each other, and tackle problems together. It is fun and works as a team-building exercise. It requires a certain level of vulnerability and willingness to work with everyone's eyes on you. Coaching the mobbing session involves creating a safe space for the team to commit to its purpose.

I am looking forward to another chance to facilitate or otherwise participate in a mobbing session.

Mobbing Session